Virtue Law Probate Services:

  • Informal and Formal Probate filings and administration
  • Non-Probate Administration:
    • Payable On Death Designation
    • Property and vehicle transfers pursuant to state statutes
    • Transfer On Death Designations
    • Collection of Wages
    • Small Estate Affidavit
    • Affidavit of Foreign Personal Representative
  • Probate litigation when necessary
What does “probate” mean?
How is a probate accomplished?
Who can be the Personal Representative?
What are Letters of Personal representative?
What is a Foreign Personal Representative?
When is a bond involved with a probate?
Is a probate always filed when a person dies?
What if the decedent’s assets do not have much value?
What property can be collected by affidavit?
What if all that is needed to be collected is someone’s last paycheck or earnings?
If someone owes a debt to the decedent can this be collected?
If I release property to a person collecting such property by affidavit am I protected from liability for releasing such property?


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