Estate Planning Glossary: Part 2 Now you know some of the basic terminology surrounding estate planning. It’s time to learn some additional concepts, as well as some of the more complicated terms. Again, your estate planning lawyer will help you through these concepts when you meet to discuss wills and
Estate planning glossary: part 1
You probably already know what a will is, but you may not know a lot of the other aspects of Scottsdale estate planning or the terms that are used to discuss it. As a result, you may find yourself a little lost when you start talking to an estate planning
7 Tips for finding an Estate Planning Attorney
It may seem like hard work to find the right attorney to deal with your estate planning but it can be done. With the tips given below, you should be in a good position to find the most appropriate Scottsdale estate lawyer to take care of your estate planning. 1:
What you need to know about Estate Planning
When an “estate” is mentioned, most people assume it means having so much in terms of property. In law terms however, an estate it something you own-it could be your car, your savings account, furniture or even personal possessions. As such, most people do have an estate.  In the event
Managing Your Resources Before Death
Estate planning is an important part of life. Even if you don’t have the resources to share or leave behind your loved ones in case of your demise. While everyone understands the importance of planning your estate, there are simply a lot of legal techno-babble that is confusing many individuals.