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Pamela A. Virtue
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Pamela A. Virtue is a lawyer with the State Bar of Arizona, admitted in 1988 after graduation, Cum Laude from Gonzaga University School of Law, Spokane, Washington.

As a sole proprietor attorney Virtue offers very personalized services to her clients. She believes that the relationship between client and attorney must be one of trust and respect.

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To follow the Canons of Ethics in Ethical Rule 1.3 of the Ethical Rules for Attorneys in Arizona: A lawyer shall act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing clients. This pledge means the attorney shall not only be diligent and timely for current clients but shall recognize that a lawyer’s work load must be controlled so that each matter can be handled competently.

A client’s interests can be adversely affected by the passage of time or the change of conditions, and in extreme instances, as when a lawyer overlooks a statute of limitations the client’s legal position may be destroyed. Even when the client’s interests are not affected in substance, however, unreasonable delay can cause a client needless anxiety and undermine confidence in the lawyer’s trustworthiness.

The Virtue Law firm pledges not to accept a new case that could cause current client legal work to be jeopardized for lack of attorney time.

The Virtue Law Firm pledges the client case load shall always be controlled so the attorney has the time to put forth best efforts to meet every client’s goals, timely return every client’s call and to keep every client

The Virtue Law Firm pledges if the attorney is unable to represent your interests pursuant to the dictates of this pledge and in compliance with Ethical Rule 1.3 you will be so advised and the attorney shall graciously provide to you the name or names of other law firms for your consideration in finding a law firm to consider your case or other needed legal work.

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The Following Lawyers Have Associated With the Virtue Law Firm:

An experienced lawyer, and in particular a sole proprietor, understands when it is in the best interest of the client to associate with another law firm on a case.

  • Tod L. Stewart, P.C., Attorney at Law [Arizona]
  • Stewart and Torgersen, P.A. [An attorney firm in Phoenix, Arizona]
  • Linda I. Duncan, P.C. [An Arizona State Bar Certified Specialist in Estate and Trust Law practicing in northern Arizona].
  • S. Emily Schwartz, Attorney at Law [Retired from private practice and employed with the I.R.S.]
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The reputation and respect of an attorney is clearly indicated when other professionals and attorney peers have used a firm’s services for their own legal issues or have referred cases to the firm. The following professionals chose the Virtue Law Firm for resolution of their own legal issues or referred cases to the Virtue Law Firm.

  • Tod L. Stewart, P.C., Attorney at Law [Arizona]
  • John Buckingham, M.D. [Arizona]
  • Cheryl Brown, Attorney at Law [Arizona]
  • Stewart and Torgersen, P.A. [An attorney firm in Phoenix, Arizona]
  • Judith A. Brengi, CPA [Phoenix, Arizona]
  • Robert Jursek, Chiropractor [Arizona]