(A.R.S. §36-3251)

(Note: Must be an ORANGE background)

Prehospital Medical Care Directive

(side one)

In the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, I refuse any resuscitation measures including cardiac compression, endotracheal intubation and other advanced airway management, artificial ventilation, defibrillation, administration of advanced cardiac life support drugs and related emergency medical procedures.

Patient: __________________________ date: ______________

(Signature or mark)

Attach recent photograph here

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information below:


Date of birth ___________ sex ____

Eye color ________ hair color ______ race ______

Hospice program (if any) _____________________

Name and telephone number of patient’s physician _______________________________________________________________


(side two)


I have explained this form and its consequences to the signer and obtained assurance that the signer understands that death may result from any refused care listed above.

________________________________ date _______________

(Licensed health care provider)


I was present when this was signed (or marked). The patient then appeared to be of sound mind and free from duress.

________________________________ date _______________