Selecting a Process Server for Estate Planning Firms

A highly skilled and experienced process server in Scottsdale can help your estate planning firm locate people involved in probate, executors needed to make decisions about a trust, beneficiaries whose assets have been challenged, and others. Process servers can also help locate people involved in issues that need sorting out to clear up an estate, such as a beneficiary who needs to provide DNA to prove familial ties, a past business associate who is accused of taking a greater share of assets, and so on.

Selecting a process server for estate planning firms

Hiring the right process server in Scottsdale is key to success. Otherwise, your estate planning lawyer in Scottsdale won’t be able to do the work needed to move the case forward and get the results the client needs.

Here is what you need to do to select the right process server company for your Scottsdale estate planning firm:

Search for Firms Online

Search for firms online

There are two ways you can find firms to process serving firms to begin your research: Either do a Google search and start checking out the credentials of the companies one by one, or use a site like Serve Now that provides a directory of process servers who have already been vetted.

Anyone can claim to be a process server, and even those that have the professional training or experience can act unethically. You must research the companies to learn about their credentials and their reputation in the community. You can do that by verifying their license or insurance information, reading about past client interactions, and searching for complaints with the Better Business Bureau or other agencies.

An online directory like Serve Now does this work for you and lists only process servers that have passed the quality requirements. If you can trust the process the online directory uses, you can trust that any servers listed are trustworthy to hire.

Ensure Compliance with the Law

Ensure compliance with the law

Any agent you hire to do work on your behalf puts you at risk for liability if they do not follow the laws. Phoenix process servers who flout the law also put you at risk for losing your case or failing your client by not turning up the people or documents you need.

In Arizona, process servers must be registered with state officials. They must serve the summons and pleading at the same time and within the same time limit. In cases where a minor must be served, the process server must also serve the same documents to the parents of that minor.

Process servers have to follow rules for serving documents to state entities. They must follow rules of conduct. They must adhere to time frames for service.

Check out the reputation of the process server to ensure that they are known for following all laws in Arizona. Check with state agencies to see if any complaints have been filed against the process server company or any of its servers.

Talk to Other Clients

Talk to other clients

You can learn a lot about any business by talking to former clients. In the case of a process server company, you should find out whether the agents provided friendly, respectful, and professional service to both clients and those being served.

Some process servers are aggressive and will do anything it takes to get the job done. While that might make you happy with the results, it will reflect poorly on your firm and bring down your reputation, as well. It is important that you work only with servers who adhere to strict codes of professional conduct.

Scottsdale Process Servers with ASAP Serve

Take your time and find the right process server for your Scottsdale estate planning firm. Doing so will ensure that you get the documents you need served to the right people and on the right timeline, and you will protect your professional reputation at the same time.

ASAP Serve is a reputable process server company in Scottsdale, providing services throughout the state. If you are an estate planning lawyer or another type of attorney and need help getting your documents served, call us and we’ll get the results you need. We provide fast service, quick status reports, and a simple payment structure. We do not charge for mileage. Call us today to discuss your needs for service of process!

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